Friends of God

What has closeted homophobic pastors, drive-through churches, “cruisers” for Christ, and more youth brainwashing than one can shake a Heimlich Himmler at? The HBO documentary “Friends of God”, is what.

Though several years, old this wonderful little documentary is still a fun romp into the wonderfully psychotic world of Christian Fundamentalism. The camera crew hits the road across America visiting several religious hotspots and conducting interviews with a wide assortment of spiritual crazies. From bumper stickers road warriors to creationist “scientists” the people viewed are certainly eccentric to say the least.

While not the longest film it is of length to where it should fill one with enough anger (or laughter) at these loony’s spreading such reactionary babble. The glaring hypocrisies and the groan inducing “I want my theocratic state but you are such an evil liberal” whining, while annoying, still provide a healthy amount of entertainment for those of us who have since become numb to their inane cries.

Even so, if you wish to expand your knowledge of the ultra-conservative sphere and garner a few cheap laughs than sit back and enjoy this movie along with the rest of us godless heathens (as if the religionists are to be believed, we are all surely going to hell soon after).



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