Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fill the shoes of a cursing, dirty, rouge confederate space marine turned brigand? No, you say you have been such before (including the larcenous egotistic antagonist)? Well, in any case, Bulletstorm Is still a jaunty ride.

Starring a cast of lovable killers, most of whom are destroyed quite early in the game, the gameplay is an adrenaline fueled high featuring machine guns, a type of plasma whip, and the most powerful kicking ability ever seen anywhere in space. The combat is fast paced, challenging, yet fun if played on a lower difficulty setting, and more brutal than chopping people in half (welllllll….).

The twist here is that unlike other first person shooters which focus mainly on curb stomping some hapless alien Bulletstorm packs a punch in the story department. Though the plot doesn’t take you on an epic space opera of an adventure, like Mass Effect, it holds its own; several “whoa” twists, characters who change and have a personality behind their ruff body-builder body, and action-packed set pieces with more than a few memorable dialogue exchanges make Bulletstorm something to consider if searching for a game which is able to thrill and keep you guessing.

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