C.S.A: The Confederate States of America

Some movies fill you with awe, others with woe. In between all the madness and drama, however, there is a third option filled with laughter of a controversial nature. While some do not like to admit it racism still plays an important part of our history and society, one which though numerous documentaries have noted; only one “Mockumentary” has spoken in such an elegant way.

The film “C.S.A: The Confederate States of America” is a documentary parody which examines what might have happened if the south won the Civil War. Shown as if the movie were a foreign broadcast of a historical piece on a Confederate television station, the film traces “what if” moments ranging from Abraham Lincoln’s defeat in the conflict and the North’s annexation by the South, all the way towards modernity.

In doing so it is ripe with false history, fake television commercials, and historical mapping on the worst, and best, kind.

Meant to engage people on a level which entertains them with alternate history “The Confederate States of America” reveals how if the South won the Civil War nothing would have truly changed; there still would have been expansionist wars, and political upheavals of a similar nature. It attempts to show its audience how much our modern lives was built and still is imbued with such bigotry.


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