Weeds (Season One)

Before watching the first episode of “Weeds” I wasn’t sure what to think. Previously I had heard of the show but not being the heavy consumer of television most Americans are I never had the opportunity to view. Usually I avoid watching television series because it becomes a hassle to keep up with the characters week after week, but season sets, on the other hand, allow for more room without all the waiting.

Upon watching the pilot I was impressed. The show displayed creativity and variety. The kinds of which I wasn’t expecting: the writers managed to include racial minorities, sexual minorities, and give a humorous depiction of drug dealing, all within a conceptual framework not unlike that seen from popular animated shows (RE: crude, serious, and absurd mixed into one).

With the plot revolving around that of a recently widowed woman struggling to make ends meet after her husband died, the twist is that instead of working several jobs she goes into business as the local drug dealer. She sells marijuana. Pitched as the only way she could maintain her lifestyle and rise her children within the suburbs, the show, while firmly within the pro-establishment mindset, resonates entertainment.

To me what was most enjoyable was the realistic way in which the plot advanced around the characters. Not only were each cast member wonderfully in their prime but the development story-wise matched those of what would seem to happen in real life. Of course this doesn’t mean there wasn’t any hyperbole, because they was plenty of that, but it means I was impressed with the smooth procession of the struggles faced by the protagonists.

Indeed upon finishing the first season I found myself eagerly awaiting more. I believe I shall be getting my hands on the second season soon enough. So for a comedy series that I first came into contact with just a few days ago, I think it is sufficient to say that Weeds made an impact on my boredom in a positive manner.

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