Date Movie (2006)

Remember some years back when those parody movies were all the rage? Scary Movie, Hero Movie, Epic Movie and, of course, Date Movie; the one of the bunch which ridiculed and shamelessly ripped off countless instances of popular culture cliques and romance filler. Groans are acceptable for those movies were awful.

In truth I actually watched this very movie years ago when it first released. I only watched it again because I was extremely board and thought that with time the experience might have improved. It didn’t. Still the same level of nonsense and the same level of absurd jokes that are neither clever or funny.

The plot is as hilarious as it is irreverent, meaning, it is barely coherent. What can be discerned is that Julia. A waitress at a Greek restaurant is searching for her prince charming. Being heavy and unattractive she becomes desperate for companionship and so goes to a dating expert to find her the man of her dreams.

From this basic premise comes an exasperating series of loosely connected skits. I could go out on a rant and list each show, movie, and celebrity parodied, but think it is more efficient to simply say that if within the 04-06 time frame there was a renowned entertainment figure or construct than it is probably recalled here.

Needless to say I didn’t like the film. To its credit, however, it is not the worse parody movie on the market; because believe me, there are worse. The plot, while silly and not particularly interesting can be slightly amusing at times. To this point the writing could be worse. So while I am not recommending this to anyone in the near future there are greater evils out there waiting for the unlikely consumer.

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