Machinima (Youtube Channel)

If you are anything like me than you spend most of your Youtube time watching lyrics music videos so as to avoid actually buying the CD.  After all, why bothering spending money when all the music is right there from the get-go? Yet sometimes you remember that Youtube is so much more than simply a free-for-all music fest, that it is also home to the internet’s greatest indie video content. So we enter-Machinima!

Simply put Machinima is a channel dedicated to Gaming (that is Video Gaming, for those of you not adept in the lingo). With over 22,000 videos it is hard to give them a in-depth review (as I am not immortal). However, it is possible to give them a glancing. Hence why this post exists.

Their content covers a wide variety of issues relevant to Gamers. Mostly they cover “fun content” or content which is humorous to Gamers. This means there are plenty of Top 10 lists, videos detailing the greatest kills, and general walkthroughs from professional testers and more. Indeed I think it is safe to say that if you have a game you want to see videos concerning than you might want to take a peek over there and see what you can find; personally, I found several highly detailed walkthroughs of my own games there and benefited from watching videos which helped me earn certain Trophies/Achievements.

Machinima is the ultimate Gaming channel. I think it is safe to say that it kicks the G4 gaming channel, now in the process of being canceled, square in the nut-sack. Provided I have not spent an inordinate amount of time watching their videos yet from what I have seen I am still confidant in saying that if you are looking for a Youtube channel that covers a dizzying array of Gaming topics then you are going to do far worse if you pass up Machinima.

See for yourself here:


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