Over the Top (1987)

As expressed in other reviews I am not a fan of older movies, just not my cup of tea. To this point I am no fan of 80s movies. To me 80s movies were always those corny films with techno-ish sounds tracks and production values… not like the kind I grew up with.

So needless to say I was surprised that the 1987 Sylvester Stallone movie Over the Top was enjoyable. The plot revolved around Lincoln Hawk bonding with his twelve year old son after years of neglect. Coming into conflict with his own father, who has taken a liken to his grandson (Lincoln’s son), he fights to win his son’s trust.

Set against the backdrop of the California coast and revolving around an arm wrestling competition the plot takes some predictable turns along with some not so predictable, though somewhat odd, twists. Complementing this was solid acting on all the cast’s part with few mess-ups. I cannot say I was terribly enthralled by the thread, as I am not an arm wrestler, but I was able to, nonetheless enjoy the film which managed to cram in some emotion despite the masculine atmosphere.

To me it reminded me a lot of the recent movie “Real Steel” which featured, more or less, the same plot (so maybe this is why I found it fascinating). While Over the Top isn’t anything special by today’s standards and could be classified as just another Father and Son film, I am sure that “back in the day” it was, as it still is somewhat today, an adrenaline rush of an experience.


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