Smother (2007)

Smother came across as an odd film. Not because it was bad but because it was a comedy that featured dozens of dogs named Sammy Higgins, an inefficient weirdo writer, and a mother who doesn’t know when to quit. It was like a drug trip, in short, while remaining more sober than a batch of Straight Edge gang. Needless to say I enjoyed it.

Following the tale of Noah Cooper as he tries to survive his overbearing mother, sex-crazy wife, and creepy brother-in-law, it turns out that being fired from his position as a physical trainer is not the worst thing that can happen. For him his mind-bending assortment of family members move in which tests his steel as he tries to find employment and get his life back on track. The drama escalates and before anyone of them knows the grouping is torn apart as conflict reaches a crescendo.

While all eventually is resolved (spoiler alert) and the wrongs righted, the acting is, thankfully, excellent. The soundtrack is melodic and its fits the mood well; one moment hilarity, the next moment conflict, while the following moment is serious and sad. The writers display their skill which backs the traces of subterfuge better than the direction (that has a few missteps in progression). While there are no significant twists the plot is enjoyable enough to warrant a view.

There are more hilarious comedies on the market, ones which illicit immature laughter throughout, essentially. Yet those films are not going to display the same level of warm silliness that pervades Smother. If you are looking for a comedy that is appropriate for a quasi-family audience and younger teens than there is much of a decision to be made with Smother.


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