The Blind Side (2009)

There are few sport centered movies that rustle my jimmies (whatever that is supposed to mean). I find them boring, dull and overly dramatic for the subject matter at hand (passing a ball and forcing it into some crevice). Yet there are some movies which recount the personal stories behind a player’s rise to fame that I can tolerate. 2009’s award winning flick “The Blind Side” is one of those rare few films, however, that does just that while maintaining a heart-warming edge strangely detached from the gridiron.

The story is that of Michael Oher, an inter-city youth who wanders in and out of foster homes until finally he is out of the streets. Luckily for him, however, before he is homeless he is admitted to a godly private school where he gains the favor of one of the student’s mother. Named Leigh Tuohy she is a high-powered perfectionist who, following her Christian duty, adopts Michael.

Integrating into the Tuohy presents its challenges. The norms of typical family life present a daring obstacle to Michael; never before had anything resembling normalcy, Michael discovers just how “greener” and meticulously kept, the other side is. Improving in his academics, learning to drive and even overcoming racism throw themselves towards him.

He learns to take each challenge, however, and surmounts every road-block with a furious combination of love and determination. The end-reward for all this arduous training is participation in football where, he large body and protective instincts, work for him in unexpected ways.

This concoction means that during the course of the film there are ups and downs, drama and humor. The writing is top-notch; the direction is sharp, and the soundtrack inspirational. The actors hit their cues brimming with enthusiasm, a talent that reveals their inner talent ultimately making the movie all the better and truly stitching together the entire package to form a dynamite event.

Based on the true story this is one “sports movie” that will leave the viewer most in touch with the person rather than the game. While still revolving around Michael’s activity and eventual signing to a college team the movie is primarily concerned with telling Michael’s tale. Considering what the audience will see during the course of this cinema piece I consider this to be a positive not soon to be forgotten.


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