The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb, Pt.1 (2006)

There are lots of adventure movies. Most of them I care very little for as they display more predictable plots and events than even the sci-fi genre. Among the countless films about finding ancient artifacts and battling evil there are the usual swashbuckling heroes who bring little to the table in terms of relevancy. This was what I felt with “The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb”.

The plot revolves around archeologist Danny Freemont and his quest to locate all four pieces of an emerald tablet. Legend states that whoever brings together these pieces will have infinite power. Accordingly Danny has made it his life’s purpose to find all the pieces so he can give the world peace and prosperity. However there is an ulterior motive: he is searching them out so as to prevent a shadowy organization known as the Hellfire Council from assembling them and using it to dominate the world.

The problems here start early, namely, Danny is searching out these fragments so as to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands… yet each time he finds a fragment it is stolen from him by the Council. Entire purpose thwarted! In addition to this oversight the council itself is nothing unique as the writers took the lazy road and simply had each member be among the richest and most powerful men in the world; men of such influence they have half the world’s politicians in their pockets. Why men of such caliber would need a tablet granting them even more power is beyond me.

Anyways, being a mini-series this is the basic function of the plot. As for the traits of the first half there are more sins to count. Other such offenses include, but not limited to: the acting being overblown, poorly set-up shifts between scenes, groan inducing music which one can find in any Natural Geographic special, and major plot devices and occurrences happening with little or no explanation.

This is on top of the fact that Danny, the protagonist, is a store-brand version of Indiana Jones. Down to a “T” the directors here have mimicked the widely popular franchise to the point where the only item Danny lacks to differentiate him from Jones is the iconic whip.

Even if one was to disregard all the above mentioned discrepancies there are still the expected betrayals and large array of barely coherent progression that makes one wish to shout out “why, are these people stupid… wait, how on earth could they have figured that out from that!” These moments reside within every movie but seem to be highlighted here.

Now this seems to be quite the list (and it is). Yet for all its blunders it is still entertaining. Provided it is neither original nor inspired but it does slate one’s thirst for adventure and reassure hunting. As of now there is still the second part for me to watch. So there is still hope for some redemption in the end, until then we shall see how this misfortunately executed beginning finishes…

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