Picture Perfect (1997)

I think Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorite actresses. Her ability to perform in romantic comedies is nearly unmatched. I think nowhere is this clearer than in the 1997 film “Picture Perfect”. Donning the role of an underappreciated assistant in a advertising firm she assumes command of her talent in manners which set the stage for many of her future performance.

While the story of Picture Perfect is standard romantic comedy fare it provides the kind of delicate handling which is unthinkable in the real world, namely:

Kate has a lot of first world problems: she deserves a promotion yet is denied the fruits of her labor because she is too free, she is too innocent for the bad boy of her dreams, and she falls madly in love with a guy who was supposed to be a temporary partner. In short she wants more and doesn’t know when to stop when she is clearly over her head.

What follows is a thread spanning more drama and emotional turmoil than you can throw a bucket of condoms at. Of course it is all expected. The ending is predictable “happily ever after” happenings. Kate earns the promotion she wanted, she is able to keep the man of her dreams, and the audience is left with a sense of inner peace.

So nothing revelatory in terms of film history, in other words. This isn’t something bad as the soundtrack is skillfully put together and the direction nicely stitched. The performances given by the cast are stellar so one does not need to worry about lackluster readings.

Over all this is one of those films where it is nicely made but not out of the ordinary. There are no mind bending moments, few mysterious leaps in logic, and more adolescent (12+) appropriate material than there are inappropriate. It is the kind of movie that many members of the family could enjoy with little bickering.

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