The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb, Pt.2 (2006)

To briefly recap from part one: Danny Freemont, a renegade archeologist who is seeking out the Emerald Tablets so as to stop his nefarious colleagues from opening a portal to allow the demonic Set from controlling the world, last left off profiting from his discovery of King Tut’s tomb. Discovering the find of the century has it rewards, evidently.

So with this the second part picks up here with Danny being interviewed by the world media; his picture is plastered on every corner of the earth. Yet with fame also comes danger. For his evil rival, Dr. Sinclair, viciously pursues the remaining fragment which equals to Danny’s life hanging on the edge of a knife.

Numerous plots are unlashed against Danny by Sinclair in order of in the last fragment. These scenes are half-baked. Indeed it seems to be endemic throughout the show; scenes and sub-plots are rushed through with such pace that it appears as though the writers and director decided to mosh in an entire season into an hour and a half; obstacles and foes are introduced one minute only to literally be dashed during the next.

The cheesy dialogue and setting doesn’t let up in this second part. The special effects are still poorly done and borders on hilarity. The music continues its amateur procession and the acting is as melodramatic as ever. In all it fuses to display a tongue in cheek kind of humor that might have been entertaining had it been given more time to develop.

Ultimately “The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb” is an aborted effort to create an Indiana Jones knock-off. The show tries to create uniqueness with its brand of humor, eye-rolling dialogue, and strange twits it clearly suffers from underdevelopment and budget problems. I say this is something for enthusiasts to enjoy, that small minority who liked the show when it aired on television. For the majority, however, there are far better adventure tales to be seen.

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