CinemaSins (Youtube Channel)

When browsing the internet you sometimes get that fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Most often this happens when you uncover a website or show which leaves an indelible mark on your psyche. I seldom feel this sensation yet felt it recently when some weeks ago I was delighted to find a youtube channel called “CinemaSins”.

CinemaSins is one of those ideas whose brilliance lies in its simplicity, namely, its commentary on popular movies. Above all it is a channel devoted to listing the “sins” of each movie; these sins range from inconsistences within the plot, to scene mishaps, poor acting, sub-par special effects and more. It is one of those channels which make you exclaim, “Yes, finally, someone else said it!” Watching the videos made me feel much like I was reliving my own criticisms (only funnier).

The channel has close to a dozen such reviews already. Mostly they examine recent releases but they have been known to partake in critiquing older movies as well (probably when no uber-popular films are on the market). While some of the commentary points I do not agree with the project is an undertaking meant to be quite humorous. If you are searching for some movie buffs who share your affinity for screaming out every wrong turn or eye-rolling entry about your favorite movies than consider checking out CinemaSins the next time you are surfing Youtube.

See for yourself here:

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