Nim’s Island (2008)

If you are able to watch children’s movies and ignore all the logical inconsistences then you will enjoy Nim’s Island. Set against the backdrop of a gorgeous island in the South china Sea the movie follows the adventures of a little girl named Nim as she attempts to ward off invading tourists all while finding her father who, after a research expedition got lost at sea.

The unlikely thread becomes even more absurd when an agoraphobic writer rushes off to Nim’s safety after receiving a distress call. Despite her own limitation involving the real world she bravely sets herself against the forces of the earth in an attempt to help someone she barely knows. Her adventure is most entertaining due to her half-mad rants and illusions concerning her in-book characters, who appearing as figments of her imaginations are the source for a great deal of the film’s humor, and her troubled bid to find Nim.

In-between this jaunting side-plot there is the struggle of her father stranded at sea. Complete with hyper-intelligent animals who assist him in his journey, Nim’s father displays all the dedication and love one would expect from any isolated caretaker.

As one would expect from a plot of this variety there is the absurd amount of moments which would make for stupendously silly happenings had they occurred in real life. Yet as it is a family movie, with no strong language or gore, the actions of Nim and her father make for jolly entertainment. To this end there is nothing truly wrong with the film. Everything is good to the extent that it should satisfy the kids who it is aimed at while also squeezing more than a few situational laughs from older chaperons.


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