Fear (1998)

Life as an “upper-middle class” teenager free of emotional problems can only ever be portrayed as difficult in the sensationalized world of Americana. Case in point: Fear. Revolving around the tale of sixteen year old Nicole as she dates and then attempts to break-up with her psycho-path boyfriend, the movie is typical of the thriller genre; melodrama mixed with sudden outbursts of anger all wrapped up in a thread of mischievous sex.

Beginning rather innocently with naïve Nicole meeting the sensitive David, the plot becomes progressively darker as Nicole’s parents take authoritative steps barring David from seeing Nicole. Reacting violently to their good willed efforts at separating the star-crossed lovers David, with his gang of misfit friends, assaults Nicole’s house. While in the end the terror is defeated and life returns to something resembling normalcy, the story is well composed.

There are few mishaps and nothing that can’t truly be blamed on the technology at the time. Some of the acting could be better, along with a bit better variety in music, but forgetting these small mistakes I couldn’t find any misdeed in the film itself.

While violent and gruesome at times the movie gracefully transitions from peaceful to crazed bloodlust. I wouldn’t say this is a movie for everyone as it isn’t exactly original, yet the content is enough to treat audiences to something new if not engaging. All in all this is a movie for people looking for macabre romance done well enough that even those dragged along for the ride might benefit.


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