King Kong (2006)

A savage roar reverberates throughout the jungles of Skull Island, a sound so fierce that all tremble before its might girth. The sound is one of intimidation and it belongs to a beast known as King Kong; a 25 foot tall ape which is king of all the ferocious beasts, man and animal alike. Though powerful and vicious this monster has a tender side and it is this tender side which shows us all we have good and evil on the inside.

Perhaps, perhaps not. In any case this seems to be the underlying point made in Peter Jackson’s remake of the classic brute-girl infatuation. When a group of movie makers, led by their gluttonous conman, stumble upon the mythical Skull Island they encounter not only ruins and legends but a life and death struggle to survive both the unforgiving jungle and the man-eating predators. The most feared of these beasts also is the one worshiped by the natives and who, in a fit of superstitious weakness; attempt to sacrifice one of the beautiful young actresses to the ape. However, not all goes as planned an the beast kidnaps the modern day princess. The crew, and her admirers, find out and so mount an expedition to rescue her.

It is from this premise that block-buster action adventure rocks your television screen. Complete with dinosaurs, bug battles, desperate missions, and get rich quick schemes (intermixed with the usual romantic sub-plots) the plot of Mr. Jackson’s reboot has everything the American moviegoer could hope for: blood, violence, animals fighting, and more subtle allegorical possibilities than one can shake a copy of Animal farm at. It is, in short, the ideal movie to act as an impromptu babysitter for those rambunctious rascals (which is good since it is over three hours long).

I found no faults with the film. At times the plot makes some leaps of faith which I fond laughable and there are times where the acting could be less hammed, but everything else is what one would expect from a movie revolving around a giant ape and a smitten young woman who has a serious case of bestial sympathy. It is a good movie for when you have a lot of time to kill or are in the mood for an exotic adventure. It is not the kind of movie I would watch more than once, as it doesn’t have a great deal of originality, but it is not going to hurt to give it a try.

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