The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008)

As a child the furthest I ever got to watching the X-Files was turning the channel, afraid of its creepy-ass theme song. Its haunting melody is one that even today is as chilly and wonderful as it was all those years ago. While today I can stand such a melody and all the abnormal macabre wonders it brings I can’t say that it has left a positive impression on me.

“I Want to believe” was the first real exposure of mine to the show. A full length movie it kicks everything one might find in a full length adaptation: adequate acting, nice special effects, a thoughtful soundtrack and more. Yet the plot felt like much of the same. This wasn’t because it was confusing; while it was my first time with the universe’s characters I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the information. So though the plot progressed evenly and not at a break-neck speed something about it seemed off.

I suppose I could go on and on about every triviality: ultimately, however, it boils down to this-it simply wasn’t anything mind-blowing. While the case of the missing FBI agent being abducted by a bizarre modern Frankenstein doctor is interesting and the detectives being aided by a pedophile priest is unexpected, it still wasn’t anything truly original in terms of content. I watched as the protagonists’ piece together clue after clue eventually leading to the culprits…. Yawn.

All around it is just an average movie, nothing innovative or captivating. I imagine that if I were an X-Files fan I would feel slightly cheated that after years of waiting the producers and writers couldn’t brainstorm anything more fascinating than this: a well-rounded movie with a solid cast. Questionable developments aside I can say that it did hold my attention and there are worse surreal-detective shows to watch, but all the same you are not going to find much unique either.

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