The Switch (2010)

Most of us have been there: you have this chick or dude that you really love but he/she sticks you in the “friend zone”, then you get drunk and replace her donor’s sperm with your own thus setting off a series of events which in the real world would blow-up horribly with you end jail being “felt up” by some gang-banger that brings a whole new meaning to the term (right?). At any rate such is (almost) the plot of the romantic comedy “The Switch”.

Kassie is a woman who wants a baby. Wally is a man who wants Kassie. Yet Wally is stuck in the cold reaches of Kassie’s friendship far removed from love. Despite obviously chemistry the two haven’t hit it off romantically. Tired of waiting Kassie undergoes invitro-fertilization to have her become impregnated with a donor’s sperm. However, on the night of Kassie’s insemination Wally, in a drunken stupor, washes away the donor’s seamen and replaces it with his own.

From this mistaken event and the introduction of Kassie becoming romantically involved with the original donor, a whole series of amusing events is unleashed. Wally must figure out how to inform Kassie of the switch, push away his clean-shaven rival, and secular not only Kassie’s hand in marriage but his place as father.

It is an interesting take on the time old tale, this is to be sure, a more updated and progressive version. It is the song of the single mother and willing father, of the lost son and battlefield that is love. From this there come quite a few humorous social-commentary bits but nothing which broaches unexpected territory. Nonetheless it is an entertaining film which elicited more than a few laughs from me.

No serious problems arose when I viewed it. Acting was mostly solid, soundtrack appropriate, and but a few illogical leaps. Direction fit the thread fine albeit uncreatively. So there weren’t any noticeable sins against the experience as a whole. In all it just another romantic comedy in a genre done to death. If you must see another such film it will fit your needs well, just don’t expect a miracle from it.


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