Sweet Karma (2009)

There exist revenge murder movies, films where a terrible event happens to a good person resulting righteous retribution. Sweet Karma is one of those films. Low-budget and more of an indie-flare, the film takes an interesting turn for the genre but still ultimately confines itself to stereotypes.

The plot follows protagonist Karma as she rescues her sister from the Russian Mafia. Tricked into coming to Canada as a housecleaner only to be forced into sexual slavery she is a prisoner of her gangster overlords. Sister Karma, being the loving sister she is, suspects something is up and so travels to Canada with the intent of rescuing her. Deftly tracking and then dispatching her foes Karma dispatches her lumpen foes with bloody ease.

The atmosphere is suitably sad; rape, drug-use, and violence all intermix to form a seedy cocktail where the viewer cheers for Karma’s liberating actions. Yet while her strikes against the criminal underworld are well portrayed other aspects of the film are less ably handled. These short-falls are minor albeit notable: during action scenes the camera shakes far too much (typical amateur maneuver), the cast, for realism I assume, talks almost entirely in Russian (so you will be reading subtitles most of the time), and the twist at the end is the clichéd epitome of what is means to have the word “karma” as a name.

That being said other portions of the film are fine. The music was, surprisingly enough, enjoyable to the extent where it fit the mood well. In addition the performance given by the actors rarely missed a step. So over all “Sweet Karma” is a different take on the revenge sub-genre. It is not terribly innovative but neither is it a bore; a good film for when you are feeling creepily angry.


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