Mr. Deeds (2002)

What would you do if you inherited forty-billion dollars? I think I might buy a small country and maybe an island in some oceanic inlet where I would dedicate my life to building the ideal fantasy. You might have another conception of how you would spend it and that is alright. We all have our own ideal of living life. For some it is luxurious gluttony while others it is simplicity; in regards to Mr. Deeds it is more of the latter than former.

One of Adam Sandler’s earlier comedies Mr. Deeds is about a small town man who discovers that his uncle, one of the richest media tycoons on earth, has left him billions of dollars upon his death. Being a simple man he doesn’t have much use for such an immense fortune, however. Yet he is persuaded to travel to New York City anyway by his uncle’s executive business partners in order to sign papers which will give them absolute control over his uncle’s company.

While in the Big Apple though, dwindling time enjoying the high life, he meets a woman who steals his heart. She spins him a tale of her coming from a small town where she dwelled resembling his own childhood. He thinks she is a find lady yet what he doesn’t know is that she is an undercover reporter for a rival news agency. Complicating matters further, however, is the development that this reporter falls in love with Mr. Deeds.

From here the audience is treated to a typical love tale of two people coming from different walks of life: the man one of honest living, the woman coming from rough-neck city life. Naturally in resolving the contradictions of their affection they discover more about themselves then they ever thought of imagining while saving the jobs of tens-of-thousands of workers.

The tale seems original. While the execution of the thread is sometimes muddled and rushed, especially in regards to some of the break-away sketches, over all the dialogue is sharp while the characters are funny. No acting slights present the viewer will be able to concentrate fully on the plot with little distraction. Some small mishaps in presentation aside I can say fairly well that Mr. Deeds should be a must watch for any Adam Sandler fan.


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