Dredd (2012)

Law and order: to maintain justice in a cruel, unforgiving world the long-hand of “Johnny Law” must be willing to go through hell and high water to enforce edicts which places our society on a higher level than that of the animals. To this end criminals must be captured, tried, and judged; this often means brutal violence and uncompromising professionalism. To Judge Dredd this isn’t merely a code but a way of life.

Based on the comic Judge Dredd the movie faithfully depicts the heartless soul of the future which the comic was so praised for. Set within a world where nuclear war has rendered much of the planet inhabitable humanity is confined to live in mega-cities; here life of the past melds with life of the future, where the North American populaces, some 800million, are forced to live in confined quarters rampant with crime and disorder. In this harsh concrete jungle the only force keeping order is the Judges; men and woman who sacrifice everything to enforce routine on the chaotic mass.

In this urban sprawl no Judge is better known than Judge Dredd: hard-knuckled and devoted to upholding the rules he is known throughout the city as a ruthless dispenser of the law. However his life becomes more complicate when he is assigned a rookie to evaluate for full judgehood. Named Cassandara Anderson she is a mutant, a physic which should have failed her test originally due to insufficient scores yet was kept on due to her unique abilities. She is assigned to Dredd as a final assessment as whether or not she has what it takes to wear the uniform.

While taking in a drug dealer who has vital information about a new drug called “Slow-Mo” the gang leader, a vile woman called Ma-ma, loacks down the mega-structure which she calls home and orders all her gang members to find and kill the two judges at all costs.

What follows is an action-packed adventure. Filled with loads of blood, gore, drug-use, and cool cops willing to do whatever it takes to restore order, Dredd is thrilling rush through a far-fling metropolis not unlike those of modernity. Filled with over-the-top confrontation and daring challenges any viewer will be able to admire the confidante manner in which the protagonists charge ahead and fulfill their mission.

While the movie is graphic, as is to be expected of an R-rated film, the tale it tells is done well. The actors hit their cues perfectly, with very little in the way of groan inducing inconsistences, and the soundtrack which accompanies the macho-man action is a techno-ish melody which carries an edgy flare. So there is much good and little bad; in turh my only real complain with the movie is that I never got to see much of the other aspects of the Dredd universe and am instead regulated to watching this showdown in a building. Naturally this isn’t high criticism and I suppose it is more my way of saying that I sure as hell hope they make another Dredd Movie because this one, with its awesome special effects and dazzling world, brought a sizzle to my imagination.


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