Made (2001)

Mob life isn’t the most glamorous line of work. Sure you might be able to live a slice of the upper-class with all the champagne, women, and narcotics you’ve seen in the movies. Yet with great wealth comes great annoyances, especially if you are bobby, a mob loyal who is eager to work his way up the food-chain. Partnered with a less than suitable counterpart hilarity ensues which brings a whole new meaning to the term organized crime.

When Bobby, a failed boxer trying in vain to provide for his stripper girlfriend, vouches for his childhood friend, thus inducting him in the Mob business, they are assigned to New York City. Their mission is simple: make contact with a foreign smuggler and drop off a suitcase full of money. Bobby’s buddy, however, Ricky is a hot-headed incompetent who has a problem running his mouth. What should be an easy job turn into groan-inducing tale of mishaps and buddy humor.

Spun as a comedy “Made” is a story of two fellas who are the polar opposites of each other; Bobby a stern “by the books man”, and Ricky, a light-hearted goof. Their film is directed with style but for a comedy it doesn’t pack a hefty punch. Instead of a full force comedy it feels more like a drama which doesn’t take itself too seriously. This isn’t bad, per se, but it feels more of an exercise with writers trying too hard.

Even so the film, I am glad to say, doesn’t have any noticeable defects. The writing grinded my gears a bit (IE Ricky’s dialogue) but the plot took some interesting turns; in addition to the quality acting and fresh setting I would say Made is a comedy for two buddies who want a film mirroring their own lives. So: brothers, best friends, and lovers, take heed.


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