Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I often imagine that if Earth had endured even a fraction of every sci-fi calamity depicted in our popular media it would have been destroyed long before we even knew what happened. Between the epic confrontations and alien invasions I just don’t think our humble home has what it takes to survive, and yet, somehow it does; so naturally I was not surprised to see it live another day at the end of “Revenge of the Fallen” despite a group of foes who seek to destroy our sun.

In the sequel to Transformers we find out hero Sam Whitwhicky heading off to college, dating his dream girl, and just trying to be a normal guy. Unfortunately for him destiny has something different in mind. For Deceptacon remnants have mobilized to steal the remaining shards of the All-Spark and revive their leader so as to activate a machine capable of eradicating Earth’s sun so as to harvest Energon. The plot thickens when Optimus Prime is killed in battle and Sam must find a way to revive him, discover the location of the Matrix of Leadership, and stop the Deceptacon plot.

Filled with exotic locations, witty dialogue, entertaining scenes, and hardcore battles Revenge of the Fallen has enough Hollywood sheen to please anyone as well as more military porn than a conservative can shake a whistle at. Obviously if you enjoy these kinds of films “Fallen” will not disappoint. Everything is solid with the only flaw, to some, is that the movie is lengthy (150mins).

All things considered however Revenge of the Fallen is as sweet as sequels get. In my opinion it is the best of the three films yet released. The plot and action intermix well without becoming either too stale and the development of Sam and McKala fits in well with the new villainous scheme. Perhaps other opinions will disagree but as far as choices go for action flicks based off of children’s toys you cannot go wrong here.


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