Little Nicky (2000)

Often in an actor’s career they will start off with daring films which display their talents and will make a name for them. With Adam Sandler this took the form of Little Nicky, a movie about the son of Satan (Nicky) compelled to travel to Earth so as to capture his two renegade brothers, save his father (the devil) from deteriorating, and ultimately find happiness and restore the balance between good and evil.

The film opens in Hell where we are introduced to Nicky: the timid son of Satan, misfit of the Satanic trio which comprises the dark lord’s family. Ugly and not the brightest bulb in the room Nicky is content when his father announces that instead of selecting one of his sons to take over the dark throne he will rule for another ten thousand years. Furious at his decision Nicky’s brothers-Adrian and Cassias- set off to Earth to claim that realm as their own.

This action, however, sets off a chain reaction which results in Satan gradually losing his power. If Nicky’s brothers do not return Satan will die. Seeing this Nicky, brimming with love for his father, sets off for earth to capture his renegade siblings and restore balance to the universe. Helping him are a group of misfits including a demonic talking dog, an amateur actor, an ugly gosling, as well as a hard rock duo dedicated to all things evil.

The plot takes some unexpected twists, boasts a cast of characters varied as they are unforgettable. The humor and writing perfectly captures the premise in a manner that is both unexpected and genius. While there are the occasional hiccups, such as logical inconsistencies, the overall acting, soundtrack, and plot is one which deserves a viewing for any comedic fan.

The movie is a watershed experience which took some guts to produce. A comedy revolving around hell and a spawn of Satan shown in a positive light was sure a risky gambit. Yet it paid off well in the end. Highly original and immensely enjoyable this is a movie that one ought to remember for a time to come.


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