Everyone needs some in-depth analysis every once in a while so here is your daily dose in the form of a unique artist…

The Queer Gathering

I am always hesitant to listen to any song with the word “incest” in the title. For me it conjures up images of familial sexual intimacy. Something I do not fin very appealing. So upon hearing, some time ago, an older track of Goth-like techno-horror musical artist Damien Zygote, entitled “Rainbow Incest” I was skeptical of its Queer-friendly attitude (to say the least).

The song is over five minutes long. Filled with some telling lyrics and a nearly far-eastern sounding vibe, the song reminded me, for reasons unknown, of author Stephen King’s novel “Misery”. Borrowing influence from local Maine themes, however, the song displays a somewhat bewildering message which I will attempt to shed some light on and whether this is Queer-positive or Queer-negative.

Let’s start with some of the lyrics[1]:

                “Slide Another Rainbow Into Your Mouth

Dirty Birdie Tongue And Groove

Dirty Little Mouse

Down Through…

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