The Lorax (2012)

To say that The Lorax is one of my all-time favorite children’s movies of recent years would obstruct the point: it is more than a great family film, it is relevant social-commentary on the destructive nature of capitalism delivered in an easy to digest youth formula; superbly crafted the film is, at any rate, a deluxe experience not to be missed by anyone pleased by kid’s animation.

The premise revolves around Ted, a teenager who lives in Theendville, a city made entirely of plastics and metal with nothing living. Young Ted, however, doesn’t care about organics instead devoting all of his time to wooing the girl of his dreams. However, his crush is infatuated with trees and says that if a guy were to bring her a real tree she would marry him on the spot. So happy beyond delight young Ted embarks to the outskirts of town to talk with the Once-ler who knows what happened to all the trees.

From here the viewer learns of the Once-ler’s history in chopping down countless trees to make his revolutionary product: the Theend. Through his journey we see his development from a humble entrepreneur to megalomaniacal corporate icon laying waste to the environment simultaneous showing the audience a variety of modern comparisons.

This plot is complete with catchy songs, vibrant animation, and bouncy characters who are as likable as they are memorable. While not everyone may be able to stand the clever commentary or understand it even taken on its own The Lorax is a delightful film for anyone interested in an inspiring piece of moviemaking.


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