I can’t even count the number of times I have watched Disney’s  “Aladdin” as a kid and adult. Truly it is one of the best family movies out there which has humor appealing to youth and old alike in addition to its witty writing and novel story based on Middle Eastern mythology. If you haven’t seen this film then it is safe to say you are missing out.

The plot is one of desperation. Our protagonist, a lowly “street rat” named Aladdin, struggles to survive on the streets of Agrbha. Paired with only a intelligent monkey as a companion the two barely etch out a living of thievery when their lives change forever. Upon meeting a dazzling woman one day in the mark-place they are arrested, learning that the lovely girl was actually the princess. In prison, however, they escape with the help of a conniving inmate; on the condition they help retrieve a lamp from an ancient treasure site, the two set off to the Cave of Wonders where Aladdin is betrayed. Trapped in the cave though brings unexpected promises and upon moping he discovers a genie who will change his life forever.

The story takes some interesting turns for a kid’s movie. Such turns are nothing obtuse but enough variety to convince any viewer that the project was something which took a departure from the norms of family filmmaking. This, along with the stellar musical score and inspired animation, is what made Aladdin one of the best children’s films of a generation. So needless to say if you have yet to see it then get with it and watch it as soon as your busy life allows!


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