Jeepers Creeper 2

My favorite kind of movies is the variety where a bunch of innocent yet cocky people land themselves in an unfortunate situation whereupon they are hunted by a merciless killer. If that murderer happens to be an ancient evil which feeds on humans, all the better!

Incidentally this just so happen to be the plot of Jeepers Creeper 2. Much like the original the sequel to the much lauded slasher/horror movie stars a group of high schoolers who, returning home from winning the championship basketball game, have their bus attacked by an unknown assailant. As the night drags on and help is far away it does not take long for people to start disappearing, from here it does not take long to realize that the thing responsible is a horrible monster which, every 23 years, is allowed to feed.

The plot is rather uninteresting as far as horror movies go. The primary point of contention is the atmosphere so it is sufficient to say that the whole “trapped in the middle of nowhere with a huge beast hunting you down,” is handled well. One feels the suffocation of the teenagers in that same manner of being trapped in a room full of spiders. The downside though is that though the environment is captured the ancillary filler (sub-plots, character motivation, etc) is quite sloppy; while the movie tries to insert tense conflict building controversies among the students (such as racism and ambiguous sexuality) it fails without much fanfare.

Yet even so there are some more downsides: some of the acting is sub-par. Indeed many of the lines from the youthful cast are hammed up to a noticeable degree. So expect to get that all too familiar feeling where you hear yourself say, “okay, I know you have this demon thing on your tail but seriously, stop with the screaming and absent mindedness; get back to the task at hand-living!” And so on. This type of inconsistency is quite noticeable here.

With that being said, however, the soundtrack holds up (if not in an all too original manner). The tunes get you in that mind-set and never lapse into inappropriate moods. The anxious feel of being hunted is captured well and while the movie has its share of downsides I enjoyed watching it. It wasn’t revolutionary by any means but it is a jolly ride through the world of superior carnivores.


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