Adolf Hitler by John Toland (PT5)

Chapter seven of John’s book chronicles Hitler’s trial and subsequent time in prison. It is a thoughtfully explained entry on a convoluted subject. Most tellingly within the pages Mr. Toland explains how during the trial Hitler won over large amounts of the audience and even the judges. Allowed to speak, for sometimes as long as four straight hours, Hitler used his speaking ability to the fullest and cushioned his own fall. At the end of the segment Hitler has so impressed his jurors with feelings of nationalistic pride that his sentence is a lenient 5 years.

Such a sentence prompts foreign journalists to exclaim that in Germany treason is a minor offense. As one would come to expect, however, this kind of preferential treatment garnered by patriotic fury carries over into his prison term. Hitler, in short order, befriends and converts most of the jailors, including the warden, to Nazism. He is allowed a typewriter so as to write his memoirs (Mein Kampf) and granted the privilege to have lights “on” several hours past the curfew time.

Hitler himself describes this moment as a time of luxurious relaxation. He is able to seclude himself from party bickering, including the growing strife between the Left and Right wings of the party, and focus entirely on political development and personal health. When he emerges from prison it is not surprising that he does so more enthusiastic from when he entered and more determined than ever to realize what he sees as his future leading Germany to destroy “International Jewry”.

This trend continued with the publication of both volumes of his personal memoirs Mein Kampf; part autobiography and part political manuscript the book was not original in itself. There were many such manuscripts floating around Germany around the same time which spoke vehemently against many of Hitler’s enemies. Despite this truth it kindled brightly the emotional flames of his faithful followers.

Near this time Hitler also devoted an increasing amount of time to attempts of reconciling the warring factions of the NSADP. Prior to his intervention the Left and Right wings were at each other’s throats. Through his personal graces Hitler was able to force a compromise which while uneasily accepted by both sides nonetheless managed to ease over the troubles of the group and reaffirm complete loyalty to him.  Utilizing pseudo-spiritual material Hitler coerced members with the same power displayed earlier when Rohm, the affluent homosexual, attempted to generated around him his own private armed wing. The end result was complete centralization of control with Hitler himself reigning supreme in any matter.

This method of organization, dubbed the Fuhor Principal, won him admiration from many of the smaller nationalist groups. This culminated with many of the other patriotic organizations pledging loyalty to the (Right-Wing) Nazi cause. Such a turn of events was welcoming to Hitler who, despite some political set-backs in the polls and public, continued what seemed to many his indomitable march to victory.


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