Van Wilder (2002)

If I ever go to college I already know that I will never be as popular or outgoing as Mr. Van Wilder. This is a good thing because if I was I believe I would have to be on some kind of illicit drug.  Not so for everyone, however. For some College is a time of wild study with even wilder life lessons.

Such is the meaning for Van Wild, a college student who has been at Colliadge academy for over seven years… still with no degree. He is the most popular and well know guy on campus. He helps everyone, doesn’t discriminate, and is always there to lend a helping hand. Yet he is one who glides by life so when his father tires of paying his tuition Van Wilder must find means to not only raise his year’s tuition but pass his classes and balance finding the love of his life.

So in other words “Van Wilder” is a typical college themed comedy movie. Filled with lambasted humor and crude potty jokes the film has something new at every turn. It has the variety of direction one would expect to see from a National Lampoon movie (that is to say irreverent yet entertaining). The characters are original as far as they are well-drawn parodies of established archetypes.

With no serious faults worth mentioning Van Wilder is a film to entertain. Indeed the whole of the film’s 94minutes flew by with every moment consisting of interesting plot progression. I know I enjoyed Van Wilder and made me even think of my own potential time in higher education. So while it is absurd in the best way possible if you want something that makes you remember your time in your favorite fraternity you can’t go wrong here.


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