Let Me In (2010)

I adore unconventional love stories. Why? Well because they take some twists which you do not often see in cinema. Besides, who can resist the thrill of seeing two star-crossed lovers from unlikely ends of the social pool fall heads over heel in lust with one another? I know I can’t. Hence why I so enjoyed “Let Me In”, an unconventional thriller starring the most depressed looking little actor you are likely to see this generation.

The story is set in New Mexico during the Reagen Administration (Eeek!). A boy falls for the new girl in his block. Cute and ignorant she attracts our protagonist like a bee to nectar. Both are quite odd for one another. Yet they each obviously have an affinity for the other (even if they are slow to letting it show). Yet there is a secret between the two, one which the girl only at desperate odds reveals to the boy: she is a vampire!

Yup, you heard right, vampire. She is a creature which needs the blood of people to live. Not only that but she must avoid the sun. Needless to say this create quite the situation when you are trying to eek out an existence in the modern world. Hence why she relies on her partners; living for an indefinite period of time, this little girl seduces young boys to become her guardian. For the man she eyes this means taking on the responsibility of feeder (I.E murderer).

The plot is fascinating. Pacing and music go together like two peas in a pod and the characters are portrayed as wonderfully as one can imagine they should be. The setting is suitably macabre, all things considered anyways, and the subtle nuances too numerous to count. So in all it is my kind of film. While it does have a sort of twisted, almost cruel edge in some situations, over all this is one off-beat Romeo&Juliet tale which I will remember for quite some time.


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