Trucker (2010)

Watching Trucker was like watching a gritty, Indie version of Real Steel and other such parental drama films where a distant workaholic parent tries to reconnect with their estranged offspring. In this case the plot was handled better than the previous movies. All’s one has to do is replace big budget CGI animation with low-budget wonder and you have the basic idea which the director brought to life in this film.

This time the drama revolves around Diane Ford, a hard knuckled trucker who spends most of her time on the road. Trucking is her life and she wouldn’t trade it for anything. So much so that when her son was born she abruptly left her burgeoning family behind in lo of the open road. However, time has a way of making fools of us all. for Diane it is the sudden news of her former husband developing cancer. Through this event she realizes that her son will no longer be able to be taken care of by friends and must rise to the challenge of caring for her headstrong eleven year old boy.

This is a movie which doesn’t take any cheap turns and breaks some conventions. The characters are realistic and the setting a typical lower-middle class ghetto. The protagonists are likeable, which is a positive since they lead lives not all too often seen in big budget films. Issues are dealt with (prostitution, friendship, courage, and familial obligations) in ways which are often incurious which only adds flare to the thread.

For the most part the acting is solid. Very few mistakes are made from the cast and what is misstep-ed is hardly noticeable. The only area where the deficiencies are noticeable is the physical stunts; all too often you see characters fight or “play rough” with each other with barely any effort being put into said actions. In one scene in particular a character falls to the ground without the antagonist even making contact! So suffice to say this area could have been granted more attention.

Still, all in all you are receiving an interesting package. As I said: for a lower budget indie film all the mechanics are pulled off well. Though the distant trucker routine is now starting to run thin with me I cannot say this movie board me, on the contrary it kept me engaged from beginning to end. Give it a chance and I think you will agree.

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