Click (2006)

Adam Sandler movies are usually in this late hour a “hit or miss”; meaning they either are funny and enjoyable or crude and pathetic (same for Jim Carry films). Yet this isn’t so for Mr. Sandler’s early works. Click being one such film the viewer can expect to thoroughly enjoy the film from beginning to end. It has laughs, emotional pivots, and even some romance. So anyone with a functioning brains should be able to find something they liked about it.

This time the plot revolves around a workaholic husband (Michael Newman) who happens upon a otherworldly universal remote control which remotely controls the universe (clever, eh?). This device can do everything: it can pause, fast-forward, and even rewind life. Indeed it programs itself to the user’s taste and preference so it may execute commands which should enhance the life of the individual owner.

However, as expected it turns out to be too much for Michael to handle. For he discovers that programing the remote is a bit difficult and between the hardships of life he finds himself skipping past cherished life events. In the muddle of messing up time and becoming a hot-shot in his company he learns a valuable life lesson.

In all Click is another enjoyable comedy that plies itself to the everyman middle-class worker, that one under-appreciated cog in the workforce that simply wants his labor recognized. Nothing is wrong with the film yet nothing is particularly revelatory either. Yet at the end of the day if you like giddy humor mixed with some serious social-commentary on climbing the corporate ladder than look no further!


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