Beyond Borders (2003)

Relief work is a dangerous business as disease, warlords, underfunding, and the overwhelming uncertainty of what you will encounter make it a hazardous business. All of this plus some more is on display in Angelina Jolie’s 2003 opus Beyond Borders; a film about courage, love, despair, and the unconquerable drive to help your fellow man.

                The story starts out with Sarah, a naïve socialite living in England. While attending a fundraiser for AIDS relief in Africa she witnesses a fiery plea by disgruntled doctor Nick Callahan. In fact she is so moved by his words on funding that she devotes her entire life fortune to help Nick in his efforts at aiding the world. Traveling to Ethiopia, Cambodia and beyond over the course of years she and Nick discover that they hold a special chemistry; one which blossoms while under the most noble of pressure.

                Beyond Borders can be classified as a romance but it is not a happy-go-lucky tale of two whimsical lovers magically meeting. Rather, it is a story of two personalities drawn together by the shared dream of bettering the Earth, however innocent such a dream may sound. Above all it is a story of sacrifice: the disparities suffered by the working masses of the world displaced by war and poverty. A fusion of drama which our two protagonists have found that affection is a perilous slope.

                The film packs a great deal of emotion. It grapples with the pressing issues of the day and doesn’t sugar coat any of the horrors. While melodramatic in regards to the characters romantic interactions the two lovers nonetheless retain a believable feel throughout the movie. I for one found this tale to be highly enjoyable and can say with some faith that if you frequent the serious paramour than search no more.


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