Adolf Hitler by John Toland (Conclusion)

After so many millions murdered in cold blood, so many freedoms squashed, and countless lives destroyed by the horrors of Nazism, Hitler, taking Eva Bruan as his wife, committed suicide in his bunker. Surrounded by faithful staff members who either killed themselves in unison with their leader, or fled to “greener pastors” Hitler took the easy way out and refused to be tried for his grievous crimes.

                His body burned outside of the bunker a whole myth in regards to his body sprung up; some say he took poison, others say he shot himself. Yet others maintained that he had escaped to South America where he lived life under a presumed identity. It would take several decades for these rumors to be cleared up yet at the end of the day the truth was laid bare: Hitler had shot himself and ordered his body burned. There is nothing more to say.

          – – – – – – –

In all author John Toland’s five year work on Adolf Hitler is one of the best biographies of the dictator you will find. Details are vivid, history is explained in a systematic yet not overly academic fashion, all while the life story of the infamous man is shown as how he lived.

This isn’t to say there aren’t any mishaps when writing, because there certainly are. Most notably is the author’s conflation of Nazism and socialism as one in the same. This ideological bias reveals Mr. Toland’s Right-libertarian fetishes. To try and propound his false claim he uses Strasserism (the Left-Wing of the Nazi party) as supposed proof. This is then combined with his superficial infusion of violence usage somehow making the two currents on in the same (while leaving out the massive amounts of violence perpetuated by the capitalist classes). I am not under any illusions that Mr. Toland is ignorant of the content of actual socialism but believes he simply refuses to lay claim to the differences out of a shallow personal vengeance against socialist theory.

That being said the vast majority of the book is as grand as any would expect an almost 900pg biography would be. While there is a little filler here and there, particularly in the chapters following Hitler’s youth, most of the book deals directly with his personal life.

So all in all you are getting your money’s worth if you decide to pick up a copy of this biography sometimes in the near future. Like me you are bound to find a cheap copy somewhere online. Though it may not be the greatest choice if you are looking for a concise book which won’t eat up about a month of your life, if you, like me, desire elongated looks into the lives of history’s most intriguing people, than look no further.

~             ~             ~

                So there you have it: the final piece to my sizable entry on Adolf Hitler. I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am sure you learned more than a couple of odd tid-bits concerning our subject’s career. Use them next time you are in a debate, just might come in handy.

                As with any ending there might be feelings of sadness or wonder. Perhaps a melancholy hangs over your eyes at the prospect of seeing no more Hitler entries. Or perhaps you are glad this series is done and over with. Or maybe you are wondering about future historical series entries. In any case I can say this: there will most definitely be more series, much like the Hitler series, where I explore the lives or events of substantial historic events as shown through books. What will be the next such entry? Well, that is anyone’s guess, isn’t it?

                Thank you for reading and please stay tuned.


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