Stay Alive (2006)

Video games are quite popular. They are enjoyed by persons of all ages throughout the world. From fantasy to sci-fi there seems to be something for all. So one would believe that a movie revolving around a horror video game would be great, right? Of course, except of course when that fictional video game turns out to be evil incarnate… then, not so great.

                So here we enter Stay Alive, a video game about a murderous woman who abducts little girls and bathes in their blood; starring you, the player, the task at hand is to enter the witch’s plantation and kill her thus rescuing the souls of the little girls.

                It doesn’t sound like a simple task, does it? No it is not. The protagonists of our film agree. Even more so when they do not realize the costs of playing, for if you die in the game you die in real life. By the time several of their friends are brutally killed playing the game they realize it is the game which is haunting them. The spirit of Elizabeth Bathery is on the move again and via the help of a modern black arts lore keeper and some ingenuity, they are able to evade the police and fight their way to the real world locale of the game to do battle with the Witch’s ghost.

                In all the film is a fun ride. Taking cues from pop culture as well as its major influence (“Final Destination”) the directors were able to mold an experience which caters to gamers in a non-chalant manner while keeping some indie flare unintentionally passed to it by its low budget production. Music is suitable creepy, the actors competent (Frankie Munize!), and the plot interesting and bloody, if you have a desire to see a hearty entertainment blast then give this thread a go!


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