Drawn Together


The crude realities of animated television shows have been a progression of depravity. Once upon a time The Simpsons used to be king but during our late epoch other contenders have long since stripped the lovable yellow family of that title thus rendering them as nothing more than family friendly constructions. South Park was lewd but Drawn Together is merely obscene, in the worst way possible.

                Building on a rich legacy of racist, homophobic, anti-woman humor the creators of Drawn Together brought the art of popular culture to its lowest depths yet.

                The premise is that of an imaginary reality show where cartoon characters from across the mass-media spectrum have been brought together to live in a house filled with over a million hidden cameras. The cast includes a fairy-tale princess, a rude internet download, a stereotypical Black person, a trading-card game battle monster, a superhero, a fantasy adventurer, a 20’s sex symbol and a poor Spongebob imitation. Needless to say this fusion leaves the viewer with more than his fair share of absurd over-the-top jokes.

                That being said the plots are thoughtful in a certain manner and reveal a liberal slant underneath the mocking satire. The topics explored are varied as they are insulting. Yet at the end of the day thoughtful topics are revealed and in more than a few situations where the average watcher might be a bit flabbergasted at such vile promotion.

                So if you enjoy the humor of such false progressives, with their raunchy take on today’s most pressing issues, than you will feel quite at home with Drawn Together. It may not be quite as silly as Ugly Americans but in terms of insanity it can give any animated show a run for its money.


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