The Morning Deluge, Vol. 2: From the Long March Towards Liberation by Han Suyin


Few history books are as daring as Han Suyin’s recount of the Chinese Revolution. Obviously a Mao supporter the author brings to the controversial topic an attitude of pure facts. Aimed at dismantling ignorant claims and crude accusations in regards to Mao and his movement, Han’s writing is decisive, sourced, and powerful.

                Chronicling the moment in which the Chinese Red Army was forced to withdraw from the field (the Long March) until the moment where they won the second Civil War against Nationalist forces, the author covers each event with gusto. Honest yet sympathetic Ms. Suyin explores not only the revolution proper but also Mao and Stalin, the supposed planning of the Korean War, and the personal life of one of history’s most notable figures.

                As previously said the author is biased in her treatment of the Maoists but this does not stop her from being critical of their actions. Throughout the book she covers each and every misstep by the communists and never minces words. Though she has Leftist direction she is not so hardcore that she buries the mistakes in the past to be conveniently forgotten.

                In all the short history Ms. Suyin provides of the Chinese Revolution is one that, though somewhat dated, is a classic. Any student of Chinese history would do well to pick up a copy of not only this entry but the other two as well.


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