A Thousand Words (2012)


A sad fact of life is that the actors’ one loved as a child diminish in their glory as time passes; the stars who seemed so original and dynamic in their famous roles gradually lose their luster as they take on increasingly minor roles in order to stay afloat. Whether it is Robin Williams in World’s Greatest Dad or Eddie Murphy in A Thousand Words, there is a steady stream of uninspired films looking for lifeblood to give their makers an audience.

                Like most B-movies A Thousand Words is made through cheap platitudes. Though the plot is interesting as far as movies about mystical trees linked to your life force goes, it never progresses beyond shallow, predictable stunts: a thousand words to live on in a few days results in the typical dramas- our high powered protagonist loses his girlfriend, job, and well-being well at the end gains a new appreciation on life.

                It is simple, almost Luddite experience molded in the form of an easy to digest mass-consumer film made specifically for the American public. The situations never advance beyond petty family discord and Thomas Dickens-esque themes about charity and kindness. Many great opportunities for hard hitting scenarios are lost in exchange for a few choice jokes poorly thought out.

                The positive aspect is that the acting is good. The whole cast hit their marks well and as with most such quickly churned out projects the effects and soundtrack match the scenes only to the extent where the audience expects the usual. Meaning, no risks are taken but in place are plenty of conventional sounds. It is pleasant to hear and look at yet at the same time it isn’t going to win any awards (not in my book anyways).

                In all it is a decent “heartwarming comedy” about a man who discovers his true being. Some of the humor and situations are a bit raunchy so think teens and young adults when considering who should view this film. That being said there is nothing “over-the-top” in terms of violence, sexual themes, or drug use so it is your average PG-13 movie. It could be better but is fine as is.


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