The Secrets of College Success (Edited by Lynn F. Jacobs and Jeremy S. Hyman)


College is a decisive moment in the times of many peoples’ lives, especially those of the younger generation graduating from High School and looking for grander educational aspirations. Yet it is also a time of dangers, of pitfalls which can sabotage the naïve and ignorant. So whether you are a kid or an adult this fact does not exempt you from making lousy mistakes. So to help you along this mysterious process Lynn Jacobs and Jeremy Hyman have written this wonderful little book to help you along.

                Containing over six-hundred tips divided into easy to digest section lists; this book is one which would be immensely helpful to any incoming college student (young or old). While many of the tips I found to be common sense kind of trivia I can imagine that another person would read it over and say, “Whoa, I never knew!” So reading from front to back is essential.

                Covering every topic under the sun from what to do before college, to tips on effective note taking, interacting with your professor, how to pick a major which suits you, and a vast assortment of additional topics I would say this guide is vital to anyone interested in attending college. Though it isn’t perfect by any means since everyone is different in how they approach situations, not to mention the variety in professors who might not conform to the standard, this book can at least give prospective college students a “leg up” before settling in for the long haul.


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