Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Pablo Freire


A classic among radicals and guerilla educators, Pablo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” is a scathing work of modern capitalist culture as examined from the lens of education and control. Written as a guide-line for beginning libertarian education detached from the oppressive control of top-down structures, Mr. Ferire’s masterpiece is not a book to be underestimated.

                Though short this work packs a punch. In under two-hundred pages the author describes the traits of the “dominant elite” and how their control the oppressed while simultaneously detailing the subtle nuances of how to educate the downtrodden on their oppression. Introducing many concepts such as “thematic universes”, “cultural revolution”, and “professional investigator” Mr. Freire manages to make a complicated thread simple by his simple usage of language, terms, and ideology.

                Though not a book for everyone, as it has a very specific intent, this is a script anyone with a curious interest should look up. Democratic Education, Marxian theory, and libertarian anti-capitalism all wrapped up in an easy to understand wrapper is rare to come by yet this blacklisted man managed to not only capture the essential essence of his chosen themes but include them in such a manner that enabled this work to become his defining accomplishment.

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