The Last Stand (2012)


What do you do after being governor of a state for the better part of a decade? Some people would retire into a life of luxury enjoying their untold amounts of cash. If you are Arnold Schwarzenegger then this is out of the question. Instead the obvious solution is to jump back into the film industry and reinvigorate your legendary acting career.

                Unfortunately Mr. Schwarzenegger’s latest film isn’t nearly as legendary. Though not bad by any stretch of the imagination it doesn’t pack much of a punch content merely to get by as a decent action romp. Its attempts to innovate fall short thus making this film another carbon copy actionieer.

                The story is as simple as it is unimportant: a highly wanted cartel boss has escaped from police custody and is making a run for the U.S-Mexico border. In his path is the small town of Sommorton where retired police officer Ray Owens is doing his best to lead a quiet life. With the imminent passage of the criminal, however, Owen’s re-enlists in the bloody spectacle of “law enforcement” to help bring this mad-man to justice and restore sanity to his small home.

                So over-all, nothing special. The acting is not horrible but there is little talent outside of the main star; the other actors exist primary to give credence to the film (along with failed attempts to bring something original to the table). The musical score is merely the expected background music and the direction is only average.

                I suppose you could make a worse decision in regards to what action flick you wanna watch but I just have a feeling that with the market so saturated with such bloody adventures you can find a movie more inspired and less ragged with “lets make a boat load of cash with Mr. Terminator himself!” Lets hope that if Mr. Schwarzenegger is back with another film it is better than this poorly conceived gimmick.


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