The Adjustment Bureau


Conspiracy theories concerning the Illuminati, Freemasons, and the reptilian overlords from outer-space have been around for a while. Stories of all controlling powers dictating the world have been around for a while but what if one of them turned out to be true? What if there existed an organization dedicated to ensuring that humanity takes the proper non-destructive course laid out for its preservation? The plot of the psychological heavy “The Adjustment Bureau” deals precisely with this idea.

                Starring Matt Damon as a rising star of politics who is on the fast track to a New York senate seat, this intriguing film is very reminiscent of Inception in the twisted convoluted logic inherent within movies involving morality, self-control, and the ability to determine one’s own future. With the plot consisting of Matt’s character evading a kind of thought-police while trying to woe the woman of his dreams there is a great deal of originality present from the musical score to their thread.

                Some people will obviously snub their noses at yet another progressive film asking questions about the nature of government control, authoritarianism, and free will under an oppressive social system, yet others will find this film as gratifying as Cloud Atlas and Buried. It is an interesting take on an interesting concept one which I think deserves a decent watching for any fan of space-time distortions.


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