A Brief History of Neoliberalism by David Harvey

Professor David Harvey is well known in his field: he is a Marxian researcher who understands the world in the fashion only in which a materialist can; knowledgeable to the end, Mr. Harvey has electrified his field by brilliantly articulating Karl Marx’s theory of Capital an exposes the numerous “dirty secrets” of late capitalism.

                David Harvey continued his career with his Bush era book “A Brief History of Neoliberalism”. Chronicling the history, theory, and implementation of Neoliberalism in a easy to digest format, Harvey lays out a plethora of information. Readers will gobble up the history in early chapters as they learn of the disastrous effects of neoliberalism and the creeping menace of neoconservatives.

                Detailing the policies of Margret Thatcher, Deng Xioapeng, and Ronald Reagan as the chief architects of modern neoliberal economics and policies Mr. Harvey explains just how each figure influenced the world with their contributions to the imperialist project. Providing plenty of examples and never forgetting to explain what each topic precisely means this is an easy to read segment which many interested people are bound to enjoy.

                Less likely to be enjoyed is the dynamite political commentary which strikes at the bourgeois order near its core. Filled with a controlled rage which is funneled out more intellectually than many higher educators the audience is sure to be electrified by Harvey’s vision of a better, more democratic world.

                In all David Harvey’s book is exactly what any individual wondering about neoliberalism is looking for. Concise, not overly academic, and written in a down to earth manner this history book is one which won’t overload prospective students of political theory.

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