Star Trek: Into Darkness

Some time ago I saw the latest Star Trek film Into Darkness. My impressions of it were positive yet at the same time I did not believe it to be anything more than your typical Hollywood actioneer in a series which was not known for its violent confrontations. Filled with special effects, a brazen plot, and high throttle persuits the film will make any newcomer to the series happy, if not a bit mislead about the content of the show prior to J.J Abrams entry.

                The story here is one of simplicity: after breaking several dozen rules while saving a planet Captain Kirk is stripped of his command. However, a star fleet operative turns traitor and declares a one man war against Star Fleet. Fleeing to the Klingon homeworld, where none may follow him without provoking all-out war, Kirk is reinstated and sent in pursuit of the rough agent to bring him to justice.

                The plot takes some interesting turns but is crammed with the typical logical dissonance all too typical in these types of films (i.e one cannot tell me how perfect everything lined up is merely a coincidence). In addition many of the events one can predict; if you are like me, and able to see where each threads travels, than the end of the movie is more a formality than an actual ending.

                Though the action is solid any fan of the series will be able to tell you that Star Trek was never about the blow by blow fights, rather, it was about the deeper philosophical and political thought of the universe which it is set within. Though the director does an admirable job at flexing the cannon to serve larger than life moments it still ultimately is nothing more than a parody of what Star Trek is.


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