Ernest Goes to Jail

I’m not one to watch movies based on an actor’s premise and serialized as short releases. Though they may be good more often than not I find them to be pretentious. If I do not find something fundamentally amiss with them I usually find them just plain lacking. When it comes down to it I suppose “lacking” is a word which could be used to describe “Ernest Goes to Jail.”

                The plot is simply wacky: Ernest Worrell, upon a visit to a penitentiary, is kidnapped by an inmate and switched out. Forced to live the life of this criminal while the true prisoner wrecks his personal life, Ernest must find a way to escape and clear his name before he is unjustly executed.

                Since it is a comedy it is supposed to be nonsensical and barely coherent in terms of plot realism. However I must confess that at the end of the day the humor in the film was not my cup of tea. This isn’t to say the film didn’t have its moments but it is simply more accurate to say it was more amusing than funny. Amusing though is not a word I enjoy ascribing to films.

                In any case the acting was top notch with the lead star (Jim Varney) performing majestically in his character’s persona as a fumbling everyman’s buffoon. With a suitably weird soundtrack accompanying the largely family friendly humor (one won’t find excessive swearing or crude gestures here) rest assured that there are worse comedies to watch.


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