Over Her Dead Body

Some ghost stories are scary and dramatic while others are confusing and hard to figure out. Other still is romance films centered on a comedic tale of a possessing woman allowing her husband to marry the man she still loves (despite the fact she died on her wedding day). Such is the premise of Over Her Dead Body, a romantic comedy of a different take.

                The story beings when Kate is killed on her wedding day (ironically by an angel). Denied entry to heaven due to her unfinished business on earth she is cast away until she fulfills her agenda. Though her mission is to make her former fiancée to be happy she misinterprets this goal as protecting him from other woman. So when her former husband to be (Henry) starts dating a physic who is able to see her, Kate begins to interfere as best as she can to prevent the duo from marrying.

                Over all, the movie is fine. The soundtrack is swell and so is the acting and direction (for the most part; the film could have used a better editor though). Yet despite these facts I couldn’t truly enjoy the film even with its witty dialogue. While humorous the writing never transcends into laugh out loud moments but rather merely as a string of amusing exchanges and scenarios.

                This isn’t to say Over Her Dead Body is not worth watching. I would suggest however that it is for a different sort of crowd, one which cares for humor detached away from the ultra-vulgar antics of the animated sitcom lobby. So if you are one such person consider yourself engaged to this witty piece of cinema.


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