Bad Habits by David Berry

I do not often read a great deal of humor oriented books. Surprising, I know; between all the novels about dark science fiction, surrealist political commentary, and political economy I seem like a very funny guy, a dude brimming with laughter at every turn. This lack of humor isn’t because I am too concerned with the encroaching tiger which is just outside of your door-step (don’t look, it will only cause it to spring on you) but rather due to the fact I simply lack substantial books from the “Humor” subgenre.

                Coming from the Cold War era, where the revisionist Soviet Union was the principal enemy to American capitalism (as opposed to today’s slimy businessmen who are experts at ruining their own companies), author David Barry brings us a collection of his most memorable newspaper columns concerning what is vaguely called “Bad Habits”, or the stupid things we see in the world.  Writing with writ and liberal bias David is able to craft a memorable anthology despite what at first glance seems to be mundane topics.

                AS it is a collection there is no central story here- it is entirely comprised of pieces which (for the most part) are separate from one another. Some might see this as a downer but if you are one such person than the humor category probably isn’t your forte anyway (so go back to drinking and being merry!). I found it fun and since I found it fun I can place it away on my shelf and spend more time perusing noteworthy endeavors… such as watching you get eaten by that tiger which for reasons unknown you have ignored- WATCH OUT!


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