Carjacked (2011)

I’ve had some bad nights; headaches, toothaches, friends and family going AWAL. Yet for all of my minor annoyances I do not think any of my bad nights compare to what Lorraine has endured in 2011’s action thriller “Carjacked”. I chalk this up to the fact that she, unlike me, has had the hutzpah to deal with a psychopathic bank robber while I have only had to deal with rowdy relations.

                Directed with talent this film is able to push in a great deal of wonder into an 89 minute serving. Starting with the protagonist, a timid single mother going through a divorce (Lorraine), she buys a whopping six dollars in gasoline, the film quickly-yet skillfully- transitions from her boring life as a struggling worker to an empowered woman who takes matters into her own hands.

                Before long she and her young son are held hostage by a bank robber named Roy. Forced to drive hundreds of miles to a supposed safe house where the robbers have hidden the money, Lorraine hatches plot after plot to undermine their overlord. With each scheme she gains a little more courage and before long she goes from a passive-aggressive mother to an assertive individual.

                The character development is well done. As I said much is packed into a modest stretch of film. In addition the acting is nothing to scoff at either with the two main leads displaying a powerful performance in their respective roles. Though the music is predictably dull and the acting on the part of Lorraine’s son could have been better, in all I would say an acceptable amount of life was breathed into the characters.

                Carjacked may not turn any heads but it at least presents the premise of a simply terrifying event (having your car “jacked” while driving) in superb fashion. One can tell that the creators tried to invent interesting twists for the film and these traits show. So in the end though it is no Avatar or Cloud Atlas in terms of epicenes, it is a modest endeavor pulled off well and that is enough.


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