FarCry 3 (PS3)

Pro-tip: never sky dive onto a supposedly deserted island so you and your buddies may party… it will not end well, trust me on this one: I’ve played FarCry 3. Why does this video game mean I am an authority on such matters? Well, primarily because it deals with exactly this subject matter in gruesome detail.

                Jason Brody is a regular joe. His little brother, Riley, earned his pilot’s license and to celebrate him and a bunch of their friends took an all-around trip to Rook Island to supposedly party nonstop. Sounds great, right? Well things quickly turned sour. While partying on the island they got captured by pirates who intended to sell them into slavery.

                Horrid, I know! Well, one of the escaped party goers manages to escape and join up with a group of tribal warriors called the Rakyat. As a fellow fighter he enlists with these humble people in eliminating the pirates and their allies from the islands while rescuing his friends.

                Though this game is a first-person shooter the plot is above-average. The characters are well designed and develop well, the action is intense, the soundtrack perfectly suited to the story’s ever changing threads, and packed with several twists which will leave you strained to keep playing. In all I can say that this was one tale that the developers clearly took an interest in (in contrast to the single-player plot merely being tacked on as an extra).

Highly cinematic and epic the production values are over-the-top. So one can expect the action to be fitted with all the tools of the trade (shotguns, flamethrowers, gliders, assault rifles, etc). In addition to the single-player game, with features dozens of hours of gameplay, there are relics to find, animals to poach, plants to harvest, side-quests to conquer, and even an in-depth multiplayer which adds additional depth to the single player side.

One will not be disappointed. Though the ending could have been a bit more detailed and actually sown up loose ends I would say there is very little to complain about in this game. If you can find it for cheap (like I) than you should give it a go and see where such an adventure takes you.

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